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What are the roles of 802.1X authenticators and authentication servers?

A. The authenticator stores the user account database, while the server stores access policies.
B. The authenticator supports only EAP, while the authentication server supports only RADIUS.
C. The authenticator is a RADIUS client and the authentication server is a RADIUS server.
D. The authenticator makes access decisions and the server communicates them to the supplicant.


Refer to the exhibit.

You need to ensure that only management stations in subnet can access the ArubaOS-
Switches\’ CLI. Web Ul. and REST interfaces The company also wants to let managers use these stations to access other parts of the network.

What should you do?

A. Establish a Control Plane Policing class that selects traffic from 192.168 1.0/24.
B. Specify as the authorized IP manager address
C. Configure the switch to listen for these protocols on OOBM only.
D. Specify VLAN 100 as the management VLAN for the switches.


A company has an Aruba solution with Mobility Master (MM) Mobility Controllers (MCs) and campus Apps.

What is one benefit of adding Aruba Airwave from the perspective of forensics?

A. Airwave can provide more advanced authentication and access control services for the AmbaOS solution
B. Airwave retains information about the network for much longer periods than the ArubaOS solution
C. Airwave is required to activate Wireless Intrusion Prevention (WIP) services on the ArubaOS solution
D. AirWave enables low-level debugging on the devices across the ArubaOS solution


Refer to the exhibit.

Device A is establishing an HTTPS session with the Arubapedia web sue using Chrome. The Arubapedia web server sends the certificate shown in the exhibit.

What does the browser do as part of vacating the web server certificate?

A. It uses the public key in the DigCen SHA2 Secure Server CA certificate to check the certificate\’s signature.
B. It uses the public key in the DigiCert root CA certificate to check the certificate signature
C. It uses the private key in the DigiCert SHA2 Secure Server CA to check the certificate\’s signature.
D. It uses the private key in the Arubapedia website \’s certificate to check that certificate\’s signature


What role does the Aruba ClearPass Device Insight Analyzer play in the Device Insight architecture?

A. It resides in the cloud and manages licensing and configuration for Collectors
B. It resides on-prem and provides the span port to which traffic is mirrored for deep analytics.
C. It resides on-prem and is responsible for running active SNMP and Nmap scans
D. It resides In the cloud and applies machine learning and supervised crowdsourcing to metadata sent by Collectors


Refer to the exhibit.

This Aruba Mobility Controller (MC) should authenticate managers who access the Web Ul to ClearPass Policy Manager (CPPM) ClearPass admins have asked you to use RADIUS and explained that the MC should accept managers\’ roles in Aruba-Admin-Role VSAs

Which setting should you change to follow Aruba’s best security practices?

A. Change the local user role to read-only
B. Clear the MSCHAP check box
C. Disable local authentication
D. Change the default role to “guest-provisioning”


Refer to the exhibit, which shows the current network topology.

You are deploying a new wireless solution with an Aruba Mobility Master (MM). Aruba Mobility Controllers (MCs). and campus APs (CAPs). The solution will Include a WLAN that uses Tunnel for the forwarding mode and Implements WPA3-Enterprise security.

What is a guideline for setting up the VLAN for wireless devices connected to the WLAN?

A. Assign the WLAN to a single new VLAN that is dedicated to wireless users
B. Use wireless user roles to assign the devices to different VLANs in the 100-150 range
C. Assign the WLAN to a named VLAN which specified 100-150 as the range of IDs.
D. Use wireless user roles to assign the devices to a range of new VLAN IDs.


A company is deploying ArubaOS-CX switches to support 135 employees, which will tunnel client traffic to an Aruba Mobility Controller (MC) for the MC to apply firewall policies and deep packet inspection (DPI). This MC will be dedicated to receiving traffic from the ArubaOS-CX switches.

What are the licensing requirements for the MC?

A. one AP license per-switch
B. one PEF license per-switch
C. one PEF license per-switch. and one WCC license per-switch
D. one AP license per-switch. and one PEF license per-switch


You are managing an Aruba Mobility Controller (MC).

What is the reason for adding a “Log Settings” definition in the ArubaOS Diagnostics > System > Log Settings page?

A. Configuring the Syslog server settings for the server to which the MC forwards logs for a particular category and level

B. Configuring the MC to generate logs for a particular event category and level, but only for a specific user or AP.

C. Configuring a filter that you can apply to a defined Syslog server in order to filter events by subcategory

D. Configuring the log facility and log format that the MC will use for forwarding logs to all Syslog servers


How does the ArubaOS firewall determine which rules to apply to a specific client\’s traffic?

A. The firewall applies every rule that includes the dent\’s IP address as the source
B. The firewall applies the rules in policies associated with the client\’s WLAN
C. The firewall applies the rules in policies associated with the client\’s user role
D. The firewall applies every rule that includes the client\’s IP address as the source or destination


What is one practice that can help you to maintain a digital chain or custody In your network?

A. Enable packet capturing on Instant AP or Moodily Controller (MC) datapath on an ongoing basis
B. Enable packet capturing on Instant AP or Mobility Controller (MC) control path on an ongoing basis.
C. Ensure that all network infrastructure devices receive a valid clock using authenticated NTP
D. Ensure that all network Infrastructure devices use RADIUS rather than TACACS+ to authenticate managers


What is a guideline for creating certificate signing requests (CSRs) and deploying server Certificates on ArubaOS Mobility Controllers (MCs)?

A. Create the CSR online using the MC Web Ul if your company requires you to archive the private key.

B. if you create the CSR and public/private Keypair offline, create a matching private key online on the MC.

C. Create the CSR and public/private key pair offline If you want to install the same certificate on multiple MCs.

D. Generate the private key online, but the public key and CSR offline, to install the same certificate on multiple MCs.


What is an example of phishing?

A. An attacker sends TCP messages to many different ports to discover which ports are open.
B. An attacker checks a user\’s password by using trying millions of potential passwords.
C. An attacker lures clients to connect to a software-based AP that is using a legitimate SSID.
D. An attacker sends emails posing as a service team member to get users to disclose their passwords.

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