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Free sample questions of HPE6-A66 free dumps are provided here. 

Question 1:

When a WLAN has to support nomadic devices, a network architect must primarily plan for which component in their design.

A. type of users

B. the number of users per location

C. mobility requirements and usage

D. density of users


Correct Answer: C

Question 2:


Which two challenges do 802.1ig barcode scanners present to a WLAN design? (Select two.)

A. roaming between APs

B. encountering RF interference by devices

C. determining the RF channel bandwidth consumed per Barcode scanner

D. implementing adequate security measures to ensure PCI compliance

E. providing consistent performance on all available channels


Correct Answer: DE

Question 3:


A network architect is creating a new wireless solution for a customer. Wireless coverage is required throughout all four floors of two buildings on the same campus. Dynamic RF capabilities, including AirMatch, are required. Seamless

roaming is required within and between the two buildings. Each floor will have approximately 20 APs and 6 external APs are required for connectivity between the two buildings.

Given this information, which Aruba solution would be the most cost-effective while still meeting the customer\’s requirements?

A. An IAP cluster per floor

B. A standalone 7008 controller per floor

C. Two 7205 mobility controllers in a cluster

D. Two 7030 mobility controllers in a cluster


Correct Answer: A


Question 4:


A network architect is designing a wireless solution for a company that is leasing one floor in a multi-floor building in a downtown area. The customer is concerned about ensuring complete Wi-Fi coverage and pin-pointing RF hazards.

What type of survey should the network architect perform?

A. Active

B. Virtual

C. Passive

D. Spectrum clearing


Correct Answer: A


Question 5:


A customer placed an order for an ArubaOS 5406R switch and plans to rack mount it in a wiring closet. The dimensions of the switch are 17.5 inches wide (44.45 cm), 6.9 inches high (17.5 cm), and 17.75 inches deep (45.1 cm).

How many rack units should a customer plan for this switch?

A. 5

B. 4

C. 6

D. 3


Correct Answer: C


Question 6:


A wiring closet with a POE+ switch is 250 feet (76 meters) away from an AP on a building floor. The AP\’s smart-rate port is connected to a smart-rate port on the switch, which is capable of 10 Gbps. The cable type is Cat5e STP.

What is the maximum speed that the customer can expect from the connected AP?

A. 2.5 Gbps

B. 1 Gbps

C. 5 Gbps

D. 10 Gbps


Correct Answer: A


Question 7:


A customer has some employees that travel to various locations, and these employees will need Wi-Fi access at these locations. Because many of these locations do not have wireless support, the employees will need to carry an AP

solution with them. Internet connectivity, if it doesn’t exist at these locations, will be provided by a national phone company USB wireless card which will be connected to AP. The wireless solution needs minimal bandwidth but needs to minimally support 802.1 lac wave 1 devices.

Which Aruba AP wireless solution would meet the needs of these employees most effectively and cost-efficiently?

A. 318

B. 303H

C. 365

D. 203R


Correct Answer: D

Question 8:


NewStellar has a main corporate campus in a business park with two adjacent buildings. Each building has three floors and each floor is 322 x 175 feet (98 x 53 meters) for 56,350 square feet (5,235 square meters) total. The ceiling for each floor is 12 feet (3.6 meters) high with a drop This floor has a central main corridor with washrooms, stairs, elevators, and supply and network cabinets. There are cubicles around the perimeter of the floor. The central part main corridor\’s dimensions contain 9,350 square feet (870 square meters). Assuming that wireless coverage is not required in the central area, which square footage (square meter) value should a network architect use when determining the number of APs in a capacity design for each floor?

Lead4pass HPE6-A66 dumps q8

A. 55.750 square feet {5,175 square meters)

B. 56.350 square feet {5,235 square meters)

C. 47.000 square feet {4,365 square meters)

D. 338,100 feet {31,410 square meters)


Correct Answer: B

Question 9:


A network architect is redesigning a wireless network. The architect begins by analyzing the number of spatial streams supported by APs of various vendors as well as the wireless devices currently in the network if the company wants to ensure that new wireless design, including user wireless devices, supports Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO). Which standard or standards must the wireless products support?

A. Only 802.11ax and 8011. ac

B. Only 802.11ax

C. Only 802.11ax,802.1lac, and 802.l1n

D. Only 802.11ax,802.11ac, 802.11n, and 802.11a


Correct Answer: C


Question 10:


A network architect is given the task to design a new network solution for NewStellar Company, Inc. NewSteiiar has a main corporate campus in a business park with two adjacent buildings. The network architect has given one floor to analyze, Building 1 Floor 2, shown in the attached exhibit.

Lead4pass HPE6-A66 dumps q10

Each building has three floors and each floor is 322 x 175 feet (98 x 53 meters) for 56,350 square feet (5,235 square meters) total, which results in a total of 338,100 feet (31,410 square meters) for the entire building space. Each floor has a central main corridor with washrooms, stairs, elevators, and supply and network cabinets. There are cubicles around the perimeter of the floor. The central part main corridor\’s dimensions contain 9,350 square feet {870 square meters).

Because of security concerns, video cameras will be installed throughout the facility. There are 16 of these per floor, and 8 per wiring closet. The cameras are non-WiFi capable and require POE 802.3af- capable switch ports from which to draw power.

A wireless capacity design is required. Assuming that wireless coverage is required across Building 1, Floor 2, including the central area, and that half the required APs will connect to each wiring closet, approximately how many POE+

ports will be required per wiring closet for all devices that have POE or POE+ needs?

A. 30

B. 22

C. 42

D. 8


Correct Answer: A

Question 11:


Refer to the exhibit.

Lead4pass HPE6-A66 dumps q11

When planning the use of Cat7 cabling for a SmartRate connection between an ArubaOS AP and an ArubaOS switch, which sections should be considered when calculating distance?

A. A + C

B. A + B

C. A + B + C + D

D. A + B + C


Correct Answer: C

Question 12:


A company is redesigning its wireless network and will be upgrading all devices to support the latest wireless standards. The company is not near any radar installations. In order to keep wireless NIC power levels as low as possible to reduce interference issues and to take advantage of radar frequency ranges, what IEEE standard should APs support?

A. 802.11r

B. 802.11 ax

C. S02.11V

D. S02.11h


Correct Answer: B

Question 13:


A network architect has created two sites in IRIS and defined network devices for each site. From which window would a network architect connect the two sites together?

A. Topology

B. Site-1

C. Catalog

D. Start Page


Correct Answer: B

Question 14:


A customer requires a campus core virtualization solution that supports dual control and management planes, as well as active-active forwarding paths. Which solution would meet the customer\’s requirements?

A. Mesh stacking


C. Backplane stacking



Correct Answer: C

Question 15:


A company has two buildings on campus that are approximately 700 feet (214 meters) apart with a clear line of site. No fiber exists between the buildings; however, there is a need for connecting the networks in the buildings together. The

connection between the two buildings will need to support peak rates of over 1 Gbps.

Which solution should the company choose that will meet their requirements as well as being cost-effective?

A. Two outdoor AP 367s

B. Two outdoor AP 387s

C. Two outdoor AP 510s

D. Multi-mode fiber between campus switches


Correct Answer: A



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