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HPE0-S57 Designing HPE Hybrid IT Solutions Exam Information:

Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HPE0-S57
Exam Name: Designing HPE Hybrid IT Solutions
Certification: HPE ASE
Exam duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Exam length: 60 questions
Passing score: 62%
Delivery languages: Korean, Japanese, English
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Refer to the Exhibit.

Lead4Pass HPE0-S57 exam dumps questions 1

A customer\’s requirements include minimal licensing and simple management. The data must be secured at rest. The solution must have the smallest footprint possible. Which component must be added to the bill of materials to meet these customer requirements?

A. HPE 3PAR All-in S-sys SW Current E-Media
B. HPE 3PAR Policy Manager Software E-LTU
C. HPE 3PAR 8400 All-inc Multi-sys SW E-LTU
D. HPE 3PAR 8400 Data Encryption E-LTU


A customer is a cloud provider who needs a new storage array. They want a solution that has built-in multi-tenancy features. Why should you propose HPE 3PAR StoreServ to the customer?

A. It divides controller nodes into groups for multiple tenants.
B. It includes the virtual domains feature as part of all-inclusive licensing.
C. It divides drives into separate pools for multiple tenants.
D. It includes the NPARs feature for the physical separation of the array into tenant areas.


A customer needs a Composable infrastructure solution.
Which HPE resource provides a report of the weight and required power to help plan the data center update?

A. HPE NinjaStars
B. HPE QuickSpecs
C. HPE Synergy Planning Tool
D. HPE IQuote Universal


Which industry-standard protocol is typically used to communicate with remote resources on mobile applications?



What must you do when using the HPE FlexFabric 5945 4-slot Switch as a ToR switch in a solution?

A. Add an Intelligent Resilient Framework license.
B. Select power supplies with adequate reserve PoE+ capacity.
C. Specify a fan tray with the appropriate direction of airflow.
D. Add a Network Analytics Engine license.


A customer wants to expand their existing 3PAR array with additional drives. The array is sending remote support data but is not configured in HPE InfoSight. Which tool should you use to examine the current configuration of the array to make balanced drive expansion recommendations to your customer?

B. HPE Storage Sizer


A customer is looking to replace their aging data center networking infrastructure with an agile, software-defined solution that will enable them to ensure that their mission-critical applications can always get the bandwidth they need. Which HPE solution should you recommend?

A. StoreFabric
B. Image Streamer
C. OfficeConnect
D. Composable Fabric Manager


A customer is running a virtualized application with the data stored on their server\’s local storage. As the storage space is getting full, they are looking into a new storage system. Their IT generalist would like to use a single management interface for the new solution.
Which solution should you recommend to the customer?

A. HPE Nimble HF20
B. HPE MSA 2052
C. HPE SimpliVity 380
D. HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8400


A customer is interested in a Synergy solution. They need 100 compute modules and expect the workload to double in two years. They ask for the minimum number of management ports they will need to connect Synergy frames into their management network. How should you reply?

A. FLMs from all frames connect to a management ring, and the management ring connects to their management network with two uplinks.

B. FLMs from all frames connect to two external switches, and these two switches connect to their management network.

C. Synergy solution only allows 15 frames to be interconnected, so growth in customer\’s workload is not supported.

D. The RJ-45 ports on the front of each frame are connected to an external switch, which is connected to their management network.


A customer wants to implement a container platform across their enterprise data center. They need to automate hardware and software configurations to quickly provision and deploy at scale. Which authentication solution should you recommend?

A. Red Hat Ansible Tower
B. OpenStack on OpenStack
C. Chef
D. DevStack


Refer to the exhibit:

Lead4Pass HPE0-S57 exam dumps questions 11

When creating an HPE Synergy configuration with the HPE Synergy Planning tool you have the options shown. What is the reason to pick the Synergy 480 Premium Compute Model?

A. It enables Turbo Boost functionality within Intelligent System Tuning (IST)
B. It features a backplane, enabling the use of NVMe drives
C. It is required for use with the Image Streamer.
D. It supports the use of larger DIMMs, adding more memory per server


You are creating a Bill of Materials with the HPE Synergy Planning Tool. The solution includes:

30 Synergy 480 Compute Modules
6 D3940 Storage Modules
40 Gb uplink ports
20 Gb downlink ports

Image Streamers for stateless computing

How many Composers and Image Streamers are needed in this solution?

A. 2 pairs of Composers / 2 pairs of Image Streamers
B. 1 pair of Composers / 2 pairs of Image Streamers
C. 1 pair of Composers / 1 pair of Image Streamers
D. 2 pairs of Composers / 1 pair of Image Streamers


What must be taken into account when using the HPE FlexFabric 5945 4-slot Switch as a ToR switch in a solution?

A. adding in a Network Analytics Engine license
B. specifying a fan tray with the appropriate direction of airflow
C. adding in an Intelligent Resilient Framework license
D. selecting power supplies with adequate reserve PoE+ capacity


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