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We have sample questions for HPE2-T35 free dumps. 

Question 1:

Which security feature would you configure to delegate responsibility for a subset of resources to a junior administrator group?

A. No Password for the admin account

B. SBAC (Scope-Based Access Control)

C. CLI Only access

D. RBAC (Role-Based Access Control)


Correct Answer: B

Question 2:


An administrator needs to add multiple BladeSystem c7000 enclosures to a new instance of HPE OneView. The enclosures are currently being monitored by a different instance of HPE OneView. What must the administrator do before beginning to import the enclosure to the new HPE OneView appliance?

A. Add Frame Link Module.

B. Edit the Enclosure license to be HPE OneView Advanced.

C. Add enclosure for management.

D. Delete the enclosure from the current HPE OneView Appliance.


Correct Answer: A

Question 3:


Your customer is planning to use HPE OneView to manage the following environment:

-4 HPE BladeSystem c7000 enclosures with BL460c Gen10 and Virtual Connect modules

-20 HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 servers

1 HPE 3PAR StoreServ array

Which components will need an HPE OneView license? (Choose two)

A.Virtual Connect modules

B.c7000 enclosures

C.3PAR array

D.BL460c Gen10 server blades

E.DL380 Gen10 servers


Correct Answer: CD

Question 4:


Which HPE OneView feature enables the detection of lost Ethernet connectivity on interconnect uplink ports?


B. Smart Link

C. QoS



Correct Answer: B

Question 5:


What mechanism does HPE OneView use to get status data from devices as a fail-safe approach to SNMP traps?

A. Periodic Polling

B. Dashboard charts

C. SNMP trap storms



Correct Answer: C

Question 6:


What does HPE OneView use for device authentication?

A. scope-based access control

B. two-factor authentication


D. server SSL certificate


Correct Answer: B

Question 7:


What type of default certificate is automatically generated in an HPE OneView appliance?


B. self-signed

C. CA generated

D. no certificate is pre-installed


Correct Answer: B

Question 8:


You need to add an HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 server to the HPE OneView appliance for monitoring. Which information is required to complete this task? (Choose two.)

A. iLO credentials

B. Enclosure Group name

C. firmware baseline

D. iLO IP address

E. HPE OneView Advanced license


Correct Answer: CE

Question 9:


What public resource is available to help administrators who want to automate operations by using the PowerShell interface to the HPE OneView REST API and the Synergy Composable API?

A. HPE OneView server templates

B. HPE Support Center

C. GitHub library

D. HPE Software Depot


Correct Answer: B

Question 10:


Which technology does HPE OneView use to discover HPE ProLiant DL, ML, and the Apollo servers automatically?

A. IP Hash load balancing

B. VXLAN discovery

C. IP range pinging

D. Management Ring discovery protocol


Correct Answer: C

Question 11:


Refer to the exhibit.

Lead4pass HPE2-T35 Dumps Actual Exam Question 11

A server administrator is creating a new SAN-attached volume as a part of a server profile definition. What will happen to the volume when the server administrator detects the profile two weeks later?

A. The volume will be kept in both HPE OneView and the StoreVirtual array, the presentation to the server will be kept in the array.

B. The volume will be deleted from HPE OneView and kept at the StoreVirtual array.

C. The volume will be kept in both HPE OneView and the StoreVirtual array, the presentation to the server will be removed from the array.

D. The volume will be deleted from both HPE OneView and the StoreVirtual array.


Correct Answer: B

Question 12:


Refer to the exhibit.

Lead4pass HPE2-T35 Dumps Actual Exam Question 12

An administrator is creating new volumes in preparation for a new Hyper-V cluster. On the Create Volume screen, the storage administrator notices that the capacity of the volume can\’t be edited. What is preventing the administrator from increasing the volume size?

A. The capacity is a locked value in the volume template.

B. The storage pool is out of capacity, so no additional storage can be allocated.

C. The wrong storage system is selected.

D. The administrator doesn’t have permissions to create volumes.


Correct Answer: C


Question 13:


What unique identifier does HPE OneView use to interact with each resource individually?

A. serial number

B. MAC address




Correct Answer: C

Question 14:


How does HPE OneView 4.0 along with HPE ProLiant Gen 10 benefit customers who are concerned about malware attacks?

A. Continuously scans server firmware for malware code

B. Forces secure boot for both Legacy and UEFI BIOS mode.

C. Introduces Trusted Platform Module 2.0 support.

D. Provides a Secure Boot option setting as part of the server profile.


Correct Answer: B

Question 15:


Refer to the exhibit.

Lead4pass HPE2-T35 Dumps Actual Exam Question 15

A server administrator using the REST API is troubleshooting the error seen in the exhibit. What needs to be fixed in the command?

A. add the missing authentication token to the header

B. change http to https in the URL

C. change the “login-sessions” string in the URL to “login-session”

D. change the POST method to PUT


Correct Answer: D



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