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A customer has created a Guest Sett-Registration page that they would like to use as a `template\’ for all the new pages that are going to be created from now on. Their goal is to ensure that the header and footer on every page are the same, and any edits made to them are automatically reflected on every Self-Registration Page.

What should be configured in order to accomplish this request?

A. Save the “template” page as the Master Self-Registration page
B. Create child pages when creating new Self-Registration pages and select the “template” as Parent
C. Save this “template” page as a new Skin to be used on other Self-Registration pages
D. Copy the “template” page and edit it each time a new Self-Registration Page is needed


How does the RadSec improve the RADIUS message exchange? (Select two.)

A. It can be used on an unsecured network or the Internet.
B. It builds a TTLS tunnel between the NAD and ClearPass.
C. Only the NAD needs to trust the ClearPass Certificate.
D. It encrypts the entire RADIUS message.
E. It uses UDP to exchange the radius packets.


Refer to the exhibit:

You configured the 802 1 x service enforcement conditions with the Endpoint profiling data. When the client connects to the network. ClearPass successfully profiles the client but the client always receives an incorrect enforcement profile The configurations in the Aruba controller are completed correctly.

What is the cause of the issue?

A. An additional authorization source should be configured for profiling to work.
B. The enforcement policy conditions configured with profiling data are not correct.
C. The enforcement policy rules evaluation algorithm Is not configured correctly.
D. The option, to use cached roles and posture from previous sessions should be enabled.


Refer to the exhibit:

A customer is trying to configure a TACACS Authentication Service for administrative access to Aruba
Controller, During testing the authentication is not successful.

Given the screenshot what could be the reason for the Login status REJECT?

A. The password used by the administrative user, the user is wrong.
B. The Enforcement profile is not designed to be used on Aruba Controller.
C. The Read-only Administrator role does not exist on the Controller.
D. The Enforcement profile used is not a TACACS profile.


Refer to the exhibit:

A customer has just configured a Posture Policy and the T2-Healthcheck Service. Next they installed the
OnGuard Agent on Secure_Employee SSID.

When they check Access Tracker they see many WEBAUTH requests are being triggered.

What could be the reason?

A. OnGuard Web-Based Health Check interval has been wrongly configured to three minutes.
B. The OnGuard Agent triggers the events based on changing the Health Status
C. TCP port 6658 is not allowed between the client and the ClearPass server
D. The OnGuard Agent is connecting to the Data Port interface on ClearPass


Which statements are true about Aruba downloadable user roles? (Select three.)

A. Can be applied only on ports or WLAN users authenticated by ClearPass.
B. Aruba downloadable user roles are universally available across the environment
C. Aruba downloadable user role is a built-in enforcement template in ClearPass
D. Downloadable role names must be defined in Aruba switch or controller
E. Can use these roles for other authentication methods not involving ClearPass
F. Administering downloadable user roles can be difficult for a large enterprise


Refer to the exhibit:

Your company has a Postgres SQL database with the MAC addresses of the company-owned tablets You
have configured a role mapping condition to tag the SQL devices. When one of the tablets connects to the network, it does not get the correct role and receives a deny access profile.

How would you resolve the issue?

A. Remove SQL condition from role mapping policy and add it under the enforcement policy conditions.
B. Edit the SQL authentication source niter attributes and modify the SQL server filter query.
C. Add the SQL server as an authentication source and map .t under the authentication tab in the service.
D. Enable the authorization tab in the service and add the SQL server as an authorization source.


Refer to the exhibit:

A customer has configured the Aruba Controller for administrative authentication using ClearPass as a TACACS server.

During testing, the read-only user is getting the root access role.

What could be a possible reason for this behavior? (Select two.)

A. The Controllers Admin Authentication Options Default role is mapped to toot.
B. The ClearPass user role associated with the read-only user is wrong
C. The Controller Server Group Match Rules are changing the user role
D. The read-only enforcement profile is mapped to the root role
E. On the Controller, the TACAC$ authentication server Is not configured for Session authorization


A customer is looking to implement a Web-Based Health Check solution with the following requirements:

for the HR user\’s client devices, check if a USB stick is mounted.

for the RandD user\’s client devices, check if the hard disk is fully encrypted.

The Web-Based Health Check service has been configured but the customer is not sure how to design
the Profile Policy.

How can be accomplished this customer request?

A. create two Posture Policies and customize the OnGuard Agent (Persistent or Dissolvable) to select the correct SHV checks

B. create one Posture Policy and define Rules and Conditions that will apply different Tokens for each SHV check condition

C. create two Posture Policies and use the Restrict by Roles option to filter for HR and RandD user roles and apply the correct SHV checks

D. create one


A customer has deployed an OnGuard Solution to all the corporate devices using a group policy rule to push the OnGuard Agents. The network administrator is complaining that some of the agents are communicating to the ClearPass server that is located in a DMZ, outside the firewall The network administrator wants all of the agent’s System Health Validation traffic to stay inside the Management subnets.

What can the ClearPass administrator do to move the traffic only to the ClearPass Management Ports?

A. Edit the agent.conf file being deployed to the clients to use the ClearPass Management Port for SHV updates.

B. Select the correct OnGuard Agent installer, and use the one configured for Management Port for the clients.

C. Configure a Policy Manager Zone mapping so the OnGuard agent will use the Management Port IP.

D. Filter TCP port 6658 on the firewall, forcing the OnGuard agent to use the ClearPass Management port.


Under Onboard management and control, which option will deny the user from re-provisioning the device a second time?

A. Revoke and Delete certificate
B. Delete user
C. Revoke certificate
D. Delete certificate


Refer to the exhibit:

After the helpdesk revoked the certificate of a device reported to be lost by an employee, the lost device
was seen as connected successfully to the secure network. Further testing has shown that device revocation is not working.

What steps should you follow to make device revocations work?

A. Copy the default [EAP-TLS with OSCP Enabled] authentication method and set The Verify certificate using OSCP option as required then update the correct OSCP URL link of the OnBoard CA. Remove EAP-TLS and map the custom-created method to the OnBoard Authorization Service.

B. copy the default [EAP-TLS with OSCP Enabled] authentication method and set the verify certificate using OSCP:
option as “required” then configure the correct OSCF URL link for the OnBoard CA. Remove EAP-TLS and map the new [EAP-TLS with OSCP Enabled] method to the 802 1X Radius Service.

C. Remove the EAP-TLS authentication method configuration changes are required and add “EAP-TLS with OCSP Enabled” authentication method in the OnBoard Provisioning service. No other configuration changes are required.

D. Edit the default [EAP-TLS with OSCP Enabled] authentication method and set the Verify certificate using OSCP option as required then update the correct OSCP URL link of the OnBoard CA Remove EAP-TLS and map the new [EAP-TLS with OSCP Enabled] method to the OnBoard Provisioning Service.


A customer is planning to implement machine and user authentication on infrastructure with one Aruba
Controller and a single ClearPass Server.

What should the customer consider while designing this solution? (Select three.)

A. The Windows User must log off, restart or disconnect their machine to initiate a machine authentication before the cache expires.

B. The machine authentication status is written in the Multi-master cache on the ClearPass Server for 24 hrs.

C. Onboard must be used to install the Certificates on the personal devices to do the user and machine authentication.

D. The Customer should enable Multi-Master Cache Survivability as the Aruba Controller will not cache the machine state.

E. Machine Authentication only uses EAP TLS, as such a PKI infrastructure should be in place for machine

F. The customer does not need to worry about Multi-Master Cache Survivability because the Controller will also cache the machine state.

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