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Latest HPE0-P27 Dumps | Exam Material

Successful passing of the HP Certified HPE0-P27 exam requires the assistance of valid HPE0-P27 exam materials. We understand you and have prepared the latest HPE0-P27 exam dumps 2023, including the latest 157 quiz questions and answer explanations to ensure that you can successfully pass the Configuring HPE GreenLake Solutions exam.

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Then prepare the HPE0-P27 Configuring HPE GreenLake Solutions Exam based on the following information:

Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HPE0-P27
Exam Name: Configuring HPE GreenLake Solutions
Certification: HPE GreenLake
Exam duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Exam length: 50 questions
Passing score: 60%
Delivery languages: Latin American Spanish, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, English
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Is this a correct statement about HPE GreenLake workload templates?
Solution: The SAP HANA template is designed for customers requiring high performance and low latency for data processing and analytics.

A. Yes
B. No


Does this correctly describe HPE GreenLake tor VMs?
Solution: It can accommodate customers who want a Red Hat virtualization environment.

A. Yes
B. No


Is this a reason for partners to sell HPE GreenLake solutions rather than traditional HPE solutions? Solution: to bypass the traditional channel and distributors.

A. Yes
B. No


Is this a task mat the partner is responsible for during the change order process? Solution: Review BOM with HPE request a formal Quote, and then send the Quote to HPE

A. Yes
B. No


You are helping guide your customer through the HPE GreenLake delivery process. The customer wants
to start using their new GreenLake solution as quickly as possible Is this a factor that can increase the amount of time before services will be up and running?
Solution: The solution was quoted through the HPE GreenLaKe Quick Quote tool.

A. Yes
B. No


Does this correctly describe the HPE Consumption Analytics Portal (CAP)? Solution: It is provided with all HPE Greenlake deployments.

A. Yes
B. No


Is this how you should approach a customer who makes purchasing decisions using the total cost of ownership (TCO)?
Solution: Calculate ROI without NPV because this customer does not care about present value.

A. Yes
B. No


You are discussing the financial benefits of an HPE GreenLake solution to a customer.
Is this a benefit that you should explain?

Solution: Companies can reduce upfront IT costs and align their IT spending with their utilization.

A. Yes
B. No


Is this a reason to use Start and End BOMs for a cloud services solution?
Solution: Your customer has an existing environment that needs to be salvaged or incorporated into an
HPE GreenLake solution

A. Yes
B. No


For a custom solution, Is this when the partner and distributor add a markup to the unit of consumption? Solution: After HPE creates units of consumption pricing and sends it to the Distributor of Tier 1 Partner.

A. Yes
B. No


A customer purchased a custom HPE GreenLake solution last year. The customer tells you the company is starting a new pilot project and is concerned about running out of capacity. Current utilization peaks at around 88 percent, but is usually lower.
Is this part of the process that you should complete to meet the customer\’s changing needs?
Solution: Create a new Start BOM and End BOM for a new custom solution based on the new customer requirements.

A. Yes
B. No


Is this a feature of the Solution sates Enablement Toolkit (SSET)? Solution: It uses Element APIs for a full Life Cycle Operation.

A. Yes
B. No


A partner received a Partner SOW from a distributor.
Is this a way partners can alter the Partner SOW to prepare the Customer SOW?
Solution: Partners can add their own logo.

A. Yes
B. No


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