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HPE2-W07 Dumps 2023

To help you better prepare for the HP HPE2-W07 exam, we’ve put together comprehensive HPE2-W07 dumps with the latest learning materials.

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Selling Aruba Products and Solutions HPE2-W07 Dumps Questions Latest Learning Materials Sharing

Free sample questions of HPE2-W07 free dumps are provided here.

Question 1:

Which statement indicates that the customer could benefit from Aruba asset tracking capabilities?

A. “Our nurses are constantly running around looking for misplaced equipment; this not only wastes time but also negatively affects and quality of care we provide to our patients”.

B. “We are a growing business and we want to encourage our employees to bring their own devices, but we are not exactly sure how best to manage and onboard all of these devices”.

C. “We have several big machines at our main construction sites, we need a process to quickly and accurately calibrate them all to help avoid any mishaps”.

D. “We have developed an app that our customers can download to explore the services available at our venue, but we want to enhance the app with more location-specific information”.

Correct Answer: A

Question 2:

A customer has a management solution that provides RF metrics for the wireless solution, but this information is not enough to identify the source of all connectivity issues.

The customer needs one management solution that will reduce helpdesk tickets and go beyond RF analysis.

Which feature of Aruba management solutions should you emphasize to this customer?

A. AppRF

B. User and Entity Behavior Analytics

C. VisualRF

D. Connectivity Health

Correct Answer: D

Question 3:

What is one indication that a customer could be a good candidate for an Aruba wireless solution?

A. The customer is a company of about 60 employees and wants a simple plug-and-play solution.

B. The customer recently upgrade their wired network to a third-party vendor\’s equipment.

C. The customer wants to ensure better segmentation of the wired network from the wireless one.

D. The customer has another vendor\’s wireless solution and experiences dropped calls in their UCC solution that negatively affects productivity.

Correct Answer: D

Question 4:

What is one key way that Aruba IntroSpect enhances security for a customer network?

A. It enforces role-based policies to ensure the right users connect to the right resources.

B. It provides an enhanced guest portal with user identification and tracking features.

C. It inspects all traffic and ensures that sensitive data is securely encrypted.

D. It ties security alerts to the user or device identifier associated with the alert.

Correct Answer: C

Question 5:

What correctly describes the addressable market for SD-WAN and the opportunity that it presents?

A. While the SD-WAN market experienced rapid growth over the past 5 years, the market is now slowing down and experiencing a small reduction in growth.

B. While the SD-WAN market is much smaller than the campus switching and WLAN market in absolute value, the SD-WAN market is growing more rapidly.

C. The SD-WAN market is experiencing slow growth at rates comparable to the campus and switching market as a whole, and it should peak in the next 5 years.

D. The SD-WAN market is experiencing very rapid growth and will overtake the campus switching and WLAN markets in absolute value within the next 2 years.

Correct Answer: A

Question 6:

Which correctly describes trends in SMB spending on IT?

A. Very few SMBs consider security when making IT budgetary decisions; they tend to focus on performance to the exclusion of all else.

B. SMB IT spending tends to take longer to recover after a downturn when compared to overall IT spending.

C. A majority of SMBs are planning to delay upgrades and instead allocate their budget to improving management.

D. Despite economic downturns, a majority of SMBs are planning to replace IT infrastructure.

Correct Answer: C

Question 7:

What is one advantage of the experience-driven approach to management?

A. It focuses on meeting business initiatives by improving performance, reliability, and secure network access.

B. It relies on on-prem management exclusively so customers can avoid the security vulnerabilities of the cloud.

C. It relies on traditional tools that most IT admins are familiar with, such as the CLI, SNMP, and logs.

D. It focuses on break-fix tools so that IT spends its time keeping the lights on.

Correct Answer: A

Question 8:

How Aruba AI Insights Simplifies IT Operations Tasks

A. IT gains full spectrum visibility and the ability to identify and profile the full range of IoT devices and clients

B. IT no longer has to manually set baselines, causing false positives. Instead, AI Insights establishes dynamic baselines based on the customer\’s network to monitor key metrics

C. IT has a centralized place to run CLI display commands and package captures, making these tools much more useful

D. No one else will need to respond onsite to handle cables or network devices without fail. AI Insights will handle these situations automatically

Correct Answer: D

Question 9:

Your customer is considering Aruba ClearPass for policy management but suggests Microsoft\’s Active Directory is enough of an access control system to protect the enterprise network.

How should you counter this objection?

A. Active Directory authenticates users, but true network access control must define who and which devices can connect to which devices, data, infrastructure, and apps, as ClearPass does.

B. While Active Directory can define access controls for users based on factors such as identity and type of connection, it does not provide machine learning to track user behavior, as ClearPass does.

C. Microsoft\’s Active Directory has been proven by multiple security analysts to be easily hackable, so it requires ClearPass\’s more secure credential repository to enhance it.

D. Active Directory alone is not enough, but when it is integrated with the role-based access firewall, the combined solution functions as a mobile device management solution.

Correct Answer: A

Question 10:

What is one advantage Aruba Zero Trust Security solutions have over competitive solutions?

A. These solutions offer IT many management interfaces in which to configure many features.

B. These solutions give customers greater insight into their environment using analytics and Al.

C. These solutions do not inhibit employee productivity by offering basic permissions to all users until authentication is complete.

D. These solutions help customers reduce the effort of monitoring by establishing trusted network zones.

Correct Answer: C

Question 11:

What is one distinguishing feature of Aruba NetInsight and User-centric Service Assurance?

A. They help improve customer engagement by providing a customizable Wi-Fi portal.

B. They help to analyze customer usage patterns over a certain period of time so that companies can improve marketing campaign success.

C. They help IT to simplify policy enforcement by enhancing visibility, authentication, and authorization.

D. They help deliver a better user experience with in-depth network analytics to assess user, device, and application connectivity.

Correct Answer: D

Question 12:

A customer has many branch offices with a limited staff of IT generalists.

The customer requires simplified deployment and operations, and you have proposed an Aruba Central


Which two benefits of Aruba Central should you explain? (Select two.)

A. Central is designed for varied expertise levels, with wizards and easy drill-downs.

B. Central integrates with third-party backup solutions such as Veeam to provide a single solution for all branch needs.

C. Central offers Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP) for streamlined deployment with no on-site expertise.

D. Central has the same user interface as Cisco Prime, so it is easy for customers to migrate from Cisco.

E. Central automatically configures clustering on managed controllers, simplifying the implementation of high availability.

Correct Answer: AC

Question 13:

You have proposed Aruba 8400 switches as core switches for a customer. The customer is very concerned about the network always being on and has indicated that no maintenance window is permitted even for a core switch software upgrade. What feature of this switch should you explain?

A. Backplane stacking

B. Network Analytics Engine (NAE)

C. Virtual Switching Extension (VSX)

D. ArubaOS-CX Python-based APIs

Correct Answer: C

Question 14:

As customers deploy more Internet of Things (IoT) devices, what is one implication for Aruba sales opportunities?

A. Customers are less likely to be interested in cloud applications as they turn their attention to the network edge.

B. Customers are more likely to want a CAPEX model for network infrastructure to offset operating costs for IoT.

C. Customers are more interested in proprietary end-to-end solutions than in solutions with multi-vendor support.

D. Customers are increasingly interested in network access control (NAC) and continuous monitoring for anomalies.

Correct Answer: A

Question 15:

You are proposing an Aruba controller-based solution for a customer.

Which customer need indicates that you should propose Aruba Mobility Master as part of the solution?

A. the need to simplify the development of customer-facing mobile engagement apps

B. the need to manage wired and wireless devices from one interface

C. the need for machine-learning-based insights into network health and connectivity

D. the need for always-on wireless connectivity with no downtime

Correct Answer: B


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