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13Aruba Certified Network Security AssociateLead4PassSep 28, 2022August 10, 2022

What is a guideline for creating certificate signing requests (CSRs) and deploying server Certificates on ArubaOS Mobility Controllers (MCs)?

A. Create the CSR online using the MC Web Ul if your company requires you to archive the private key.

B. if you create the CSR and public/private Keypair offline, create a matching private key online on the MC.

C. Create the CSR and public/private key pair offline If you want to install the same certificate on multiple MCs.

D. Generate the private key online, but the public key and CSR offline, to install the same certificate on multiple MCs.

Correct Answer: A


What is a guideline for managing local certificates on an ArubaOS-Switch?

A. Before installing the local certificate, create a trust anchor (TA) profile with the root CA certificate for the certificate that you will install

B. Install an Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) certificate to simplify the process of enrolling and re-enrolling for certificate

C. Generate the certificate signing request (CSR) with a program offline, then, install both the certificate and the private key on the switch in a single file.

D. Create a self-signed certificate online on the switch because ArubaOS-Switches do not support CA-signed certificates.

Correct Answer: C


You configure an ArubaOS-Switch to enforce 802.1X authentication with ClearPass Policy Manager (CPPM) denned as the RADIUS server Clients cannot authenticate You check Aruba ClearPass Access Tracker and cannot find a record of the authentication attempt.

What are two possible problems that have this symptom? (Select two)

A. users are logging in with the wrong usernames and passwords or invalid certificates.

B. Clients are configured to use a mismatched EAP method from the one In the CPPM service.

C. The RADIUS shared secret does not match between the switch and CPPM.

D. CPPM does not have a network device defined for the switch\’s IP address.

E. Clients are not configured to trust the root CA certificate for CPPM\’s RADIUS/EAP certificate.

Correct Answer: AE


You are troubleshooting an authentication issue for Aruba switches that enforce 802 IX10 a cluster of Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager (CPPMs) You know that CPPM Is receiving and processing the authentication requests because the Aruba switches are showing Access-Rejects in their statistics However, you cannot find the record tor the Access-Rejects in CPPM Access Tracker.

What is something you can do to look for the records?

A. Make sure that CPPM cluster settings are configured to show Access-Rejects

B. Verify that you are logged in to the CPPM Ul with read-write, not read-only, access

C. Click Edit in Access viewer and make sure that the correct servers are selected.

D. Go to the CPPM Event Viewer, because this is where RADIUS Access Rejects are stored.

Correct Answer: A


What is one practice that can help you to maintain a digital chain or custody In your network?

A. Enable packet capturing on Instant AP or Moodily Controller (MC) datapath on an ongoing basis

B. Enable packet capturing on Instant AP or Mobility Controller (MC) control path on an ongoing basis.

C. Ensure that all network infrastructure devices receive a valid clock using authenticated NTP

D. Ensure that all network Infrastructure devices use RADIUS rather than TACACS+ to authenticate managers

Correct Answer: A


What is a use case for tunneling traffic between an Aruba switch and an Aruba Mobility Controller (MC)?

A. applying firewall policies and deep packet inspection to wired clients

B. enhancing the security of communications from the access layer to the core with data encryption

C. securing the network infrastructure control plane by creating a virtual out-of-band- management network

D. simplifying network infrastructure management by using the MC to push configurations to the switches

Correct Answer: A


You need to deploy an Aruba instant AP where users can physically reach It. What are two recommended options for enhancing security for management access to the AP? (Select two )

A. Disable Its console ports

B. Place a Tamper Evident Label (TELS) over its console port

C. Disable the Web Ul.

D. Configure WPA3-Enterprise security on the AP

E. install a CA-signed certificate

Correct Answer: BE


Refer to the exhibit.

hpe6-a78 Dumps exam q8

This Aruba Mobility Controller (MC) should authenticate managers who access the Web Ul to ClearPass Policy Manager (CPPM) ClearPass admins have asked you to use RADIUS and explained that the MC should accept managers\’ roles in Aruba-Admin-Role VSAs

Which setting should you change to follow Aruba’s best security practices?

A. Change the local user role to read-only

B. Clear the MSCHAP check box

C. Disable local authentication

D. Change the default role to “guest-provisioning”

Correct Answer: D


A company is deploying ArubaOS-CX switches to support 135 employees, which will tunnel client traffic to an Aruba Mobility Controller (MC) for the MC to apply firewall policies and deep packet inspection (DPI).

This MC will be dedicated to receiving traffic from the ArubaOS-CX switches.

What are the licensing requirements for the MC?

A. one AP license per-switch

B. one PEF license per-switch

C. one PEF license per switch. and one WCC license per-switch

D. one AP license per switch. and one PEF license per-switch

Correct Answer: D


You are managing an Aruba Mobility Controller (MC). What is the reason for adding a “Log Settings” definition in the ArubaOS Diagnostics > System > Log Settings page?

A. Configuring the Syslog server settings for the server to which the MC forwards logs for a particular category and level

B. Configuring the MC to generate logs for a particular event category and level, but only for a specific user or AP.

C. Configuring a filter that you can apply to a defined Syslog server in order to filter events by subcategory

D. Configuring the log facility and log format that the MC will use for forwarding logs to all Syslog servers

Correct Answer: A


Refer to the exhibit.

hpe6-a78 Dumps exam q11

How can you use the thumbprint?

A. Install this thumbprint on management stations to use as two-factor authentication along with manager usernames and passwords, this will ensure managers connect from valid stations

B. Copy the thumbprint to other Aruba switches to establish a consistent SSH Key for all switches this will enable managers to connect to the switches securely with less effort

C. When you first connect to the switch with SSH from a management station, make sure that the thumbprint matches to ensure that a man-in-t he-mid die (MITM) attack is not occurring

D. install this thumbprint on management stations the stations can then authenticate with the thumbprint instead of admins having to enter usernames and passwords.

Correct Answer: C


What is the benefit or Protected Management Frames (PMF). sometimes called Management Frame Protection (MFP)?

A. PMF helps to protect APs and MCs from unauthorized management access by hackers.

B. PMF ensures trial traffic between APs and Mobility Controllers (MCs) is encrypted.

C. PMF prevents hackers from capturing the traffic between APs and Mobility Controllers.

D. PMF protects clients from DoS attacks based on forged de-authentication frames

Correct Answer: A


A company with 382 employees wants to deploy an open WLAN for guests. The company wants the experience to be as follows:

hpe6-a78 Dumps exam q13

The company also wants to provide encryption for the network for devices mat are capable, you implement Tor the WLAN.

Which security options should?

A. WPA3-Personal and MAC-Auth

B. Captive portal and WPA3-Personal

C. Captive portal and Opportunistic Wireless Encryption (OWE) in transition mode

D. Opportunistic Wireless Encryption (OWE) and WPA3-Personal

Correct Answer: C

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