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Question 1:

What issue with the public cloud leads some companies to move workloads back on-premises?

A. Limited scalability

B. Time-consuming manual configuration

C. Underutilized resources

D. Lack of control

Correct Answer: D

Reference: https://www.hpe.com/us/en/insights/articles/decision-guide-public-cloud-versus-on-premstorage-1701.html

Question 2:

What is one way HPE differentiates itself as a provider of hybrid cloud solutions?

A. HPE enables companies to customize their solutions with a Unified API

B. HPE provides hybrid cloud solutions that integrate with the top two public cloud providers

C. HPE provides development tools for public and private clouds

D. HPE provides a superior public cloud experience and seamless integration with private clouds

Correct Answer: D

Reference: https://www.hpe.com/us/en/greenlake.html

Question 3:

Which issue is one of the business drivers for HPE GreenLake?

A. Flat growth

B. Increased price competition

C. Inefficient workflows for a line of business

D. Long procurement cycles

Correct Answer: B

Question 4:

Which correctly describes how customers are using the public cloud today?

A. Just under half of the customers run any workloads in the public cloud, and they are primarily SMBs.

B. A majority of customers now run the majority of their workloads in the public cloud.

C. Most customers are using public cloud services, but only a small minority of workloads actually run in the public cloud.

D. Only about ten percent of customers run any workloads in the public cloud, but they are the largest enterprises.

Correct Answer: D

Reference: https://www.computerworld.com/article/3428108/the-major-hybrid-cloud-options-comparedaws-outposts-vs-azure-stack-vs-google-anthos.html

Question 5:

What is one key value that customers are seeking from their data platform?

A. Automation to deliver data on demand

B. Ability to perform a wholesale migration from on-prem to cloud

C. Less of a concentration on hybrid environments as most data is on-prem

D. Ability to use run analytics on tape for lower costs

Correct Answer: D

Reference: https://www.hpe.com/us/en/newsroom/press-release/2019/08/hpe-advances-its-intelligentdata-platform-with-acquisition-of-mapr-business-assets.html

Question 6:

What is one of the trends in how customers are using public cloud services?

A. Most customers have consolidated their public cloud services onto a single public cloud.

B. A majority of customers have moved some cloud services back on-prem in the last year.

C. A majority of customers have fewer concerns about how public clouds handle data sovereignty than they did two years ago.

D. In the next two years, customers plan to move about 75 percent of workloads to public clouds.

Correct Answer: B

Question 7:

A customer asks you what makes OneView a worthwhile investment for the business. What is one thing that you should explain?

A. An IDC study showed that customers achieve significantly lower downtime and faster provisioning with OneView.

B. Analysts agree that OneView\’s artificial intelligence (AI) engine gives customers valuable insights into their data platform.

C. All ProLiant Gen10 servers come with Advanced OneView licenses, so OneView represents a no-cost investment.

D. OneView includes a cloud metering component that helps customers reduce their public cloud spending.

Correct Answer: B

Reference: https://www.hpe.com/emea_europe/en/solutions/mapr.html

Question 8:

What is one benefit of the HPE acquisition of BlueData for HPE customers?

A. BlueData is primarily a consultant for managing data protection and recovery, and HPE Pointnext is adding services in these areas.

B. With the addition of BlueData, a leading hardware provider for supercomputing, HPE can offer customers a more extensive HPC portfolio.

C. Customers can obtain the BlueData software platform, designed to simplify the deployment of artificial intelligence (AI), on density-optimized HPE Apollo servers.

D. HPE has added BlueData\’s AI-based algorithms for deduplication and compression to make HPE storage solutions more efficient.

Correct Answer: C

Reference: https://assets.ext.hpe.com/is/content/hpedam/documents/a00078000-8999/a00078919/ a00078919enw.pdf

Question 9:

What is one productive way for companies to address exploding amounts of data?

A. Archive the data on flash until needed for regulatory audits.

B. Use intelligent storage to reduce the amount of data that the business collects.

C. Delete the oldest data so that they can focus on the freshest data.

D. Use AI to analyze the data and extract value from it

Correct Answer: D

Question 10:

Which statement indicates that the customer could be a good candidate for HPE\’s composable and software-defined solutions?

A. “We spend a lot of money and time provisioning infrastructure and correcting errors caused by manual processes.”

B. “We want to upgrade our rack servers as simply as possible. We\’re not expanding quickly.”

C. “IoT is presenting a lot of security threats that we are not prepared to address.”

D. “We can’t seem to drive our growth up past 5% year-over-year, no matter what functionality we offer to customers.”

Correct Answer: A

Question 11:

Which is an appropriate discovery question to uncover a customer\’s need for an HPE Intelligent Data Platform?

A. “What steps are you taking to ensure data availability across your organization?”

B. “What processes do you use to ensure that data remains secure in transit?”

C. “How much savings in capacity can you achieve through data compression?”

D. “Do you understand the relationship between storage class memory (SCM) and the cloud?”

Correct Answer: A

Question 12:

A customer has a hybrid environment with services deployed on-prem, in Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure. The customer needs a storage solution. What is one benefit of HPE that you should explain?

A. HPE SimpliVity gives customers a hook into the cloud with stretched clusters that have a mix of onprem and cloud nodes.

B. HPE Nimble and Cloud Volumes will let the customers move their data freely around the hybrid environment.

C. HPE Primera includes an embedded cloud catalog that will help customers deploy services and data in their hybrid environment.

D. HPE 3PAR will help the customer move the data on-prem and eliminate the need for cloud services.

Correct Answer: C

Question 13:

What is an accurate, helpful description of HPE GreenLake?

A. HPE GreenLake is a fully customizable, consumption-based IT solution, which gives customers pay-as-you-go funding.

B. HPE GreenLake offers customers fully customized IT solutions that can be funded via a lease or subscription.

C. HPE GreenLake is an environmental initiative that lets customers pool their hardware in one “lake”, to simultaneously cut spending and prevent unnecessary manufacturing pollution.

D. HPE GreenLake is an AI-based security solution that equips customers with the firmware-level protection they need for their legacy infrastructure.

Correct Answer: A

Reference: https://www.hpe.com/us/en/services/it-consumption.html

Question 14:

What is a key distinguishing feature of HPE composable infrastructure solutions?

A. HPE provides separate, dedicated infrastructure solutions for storage, computing, and networking so that each solution is optimized for its function.

B. HPE provides all the automation tools that customers might require so that customers can eliminate existing tools and reduce costs.

C. HPE gives customers a choice of how they deploy workloads on the infrastructure, whether on bare metal, virtualized, or in containers.

D. HPE composable infrastructure solutions do not include an API so customers can choose their own preferred API for programming the solution.

Correct Answer: C

Reference: https://www.hpe.com/us/en/what-is/composable-infrastructure.html

Question 15:

What is an appropriate discovery question for uncovering a customer\’s need for an HPE composable infrastructure solution?

A. How much insight do you have into your public cloud spending?

B. What do you understand about APIs and how they work?

C. What are your plans for implementing storage class memory (SCM) now and in the future?

D. What are your plans for automating operations and simplifying management?

Correct Answer: D

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